Glam Adelaide Fashion - Feature May 2021

Glam Adelaide has been highlighting all the great things about South Australia and our home town, for over 15 years now.  We even remember attending their cracking launch party in Rundle Street all those years ago. Just recently, we're super privileged to speak with Meriel Killeen about our little Adelaide surf shop, our new giant fence mural out the front of the shop and the journey we've taken to be here today.

Andorwith is a home-grown brand that sells surf and skate wear, direct from our shop in suburban Adelaide. Our focus in on high-quality, ethically produced and sustainable surf wear.

Read an excerpt of our conversation below:


Garage surf shop And Or With unveils ocean-inspired mural

If you find shopping malls a maze or hate the hustle and bustle of the high-street, you might want to browse for your winter wardrobe at one of Adelaide’s smaller-scale stores.

And Or With is the pint-sized surf shop emporium in Clarence Gardens that has brings a whole new meaning to ‘garage sale’. Started by brothers Daniel and Dominic in 2009, the sustainable surf label has stayed true to their humble beginnings despite over a decade of success, going from selling a small run of t-shirts from the boot of their car, to opening up their first shop in the converted garage of a Clarence Gardens home.

The unique store is packed with vibrant designs of sustainable surf-wear from overalls to beanies, with a strong emphasis on ethically-made products, including a multicoloured fleece made entirely from recycled bottles.

The South Australian brand is also keen to showcase fellow Aussie brands who share their sustainable philosophy, stocking surf-essentials such as sunglasses from Szade, who turns discarded old sunglasses saved from going into landfill into new ones, and the wetsuit brand Cheer, who create their suits using 100% organic Hevea rubber.




The blink-and-you’ll-miss-it garage store recently unveiled a 12-metre ocean-inspired mural to not only direct customers to the unusual shop front but as a way to give back to the Clarence Gardens community, breathing new artistic life into the buzz of Winston Avenue. Collaborating with their in-house artist Dane Louis, store Founder and Director Daniel Smith, transformed the previously bland fence outside the shop into a crashing surf, complete with a beanie-wearing, tattooed hipster squid riding the monochromatic waves.

The impressive artwork was completed over a 24-hour period during a charity event run by the store, streaming the artists at work live in aid of the Australian Marine Conservation Society, raising over $1300. The event was an opportunity for all members of the And Or With family to chip in their artistic efforts, with members of both Daniel and Dane’s family pitching in on the mammoth project.

“We started the mural the night before the painting session using chalk and an old-school projector to trace the shapes and proportions we wanted onto the fence so we could elaborate with the white paint the next day. The mural has been a great opportunity for us to bring new customers to the shop and contribute to the local streetscape whilst promoting the sustainability initiatives that drive the And Or With ethos” says Director Daniel Smith.

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