You've probably never heard of them?  However, Brothers Daniel (right) and Dominic Smith have been busy chasing their dreams for over 15 years now.  In 2009, they decided to start their very own Australian premium leisure and lifestyle brand, right here in Adelaide!

They are following in the footsteps of lifestyle brands like Afends and Thrills from Byron Bay, and Billabong and Rhythm, from Queensland; who were once, small local brands too.  

This is the story of how one Adelaide family is taking on the giant beach lifestyle brands and reinventing the local, down-to-earth, Australian coastal lifestyle label.

"Salt water and the outdoors has always been in my veins," says Daniel Smith, owner and designer of leisure and lifestyle wear brand Andorwith. "All I know is fresh air in my lungs, salt on my brow and sand in between my toes."

Please feel free to drop into the Clarence Gardens or Glenelg South stores or hit us up online for a chat about the future.

Andorwith. "We're in this together"