The word Andorwith means 'together' and family has always been a very important part of our ethos. Owner and designer, Daniel Smith comes from a family of 8 siblings and started Andorwith with his brother Dominic.

Our Family is a special group of board riders who share and represent our ethos.

They love the ocean environments, they love getting outdoors, they embrace sustainability and they are conscious of their impact on others. They treat people with love and kindness, and they want to help the world become a better place. By making the most out of every day, doing what they love, and by wearing our clothes, they help us to share our messages of love, respect, sustainability and togetherness.

As human beings, we are all part of the same family. We are all brothers and sisters. "We're in this together."

Ben Jones
Surfer: Palm Beach, Queensland



"Every minute I’m not working I’ll be surfing or looking for waves. Growing up on the Mid Coast of SA I learnt that long boarding opened up a lot of opportunities to surf more. Now living on the Gold Coast the amount of different waves around keeps the stoke in me. No surf is the same from riding high performance short boards to twin fins and then the traditional logs on the small days. Nothing better than getting mates together and going to find a peak down the coast to ourselves."


Patrick Brealey
Skater, Adelaide, South Australia



" From a young age I was addicted to skateboarding I don't know what it was about it exactly but just the atmosphere around it and the feeling you get when on the board. It has always kept me motivated and given me a positive outlook on life. Everything I have achieved I can always relate it back to skating, it has moulded how I act towards others the way I see the world how I dress and how I talk I wouldn't have it any other way. it's a life style. Appreciate the small things in life because they are never there for long hold on tight and ride it out yeeeeew!"

Keira Hunt
Surfer: Mid Coast South Australia


"I have always been drawn to the sea so surfing came as a natural progression. I started surfing competitively at 9…. But my real passion is free-surfing. There’s nothing better than going on a road trip and surfing new breaks without the crowds. Last year was my first overseas surf trip & this really opened my eyes to the beauty of tropical islands, reefs and warm water. I can’t wait until I’ve finished school so I can travel the world with a board under my arm."


Noah Keelan
Surfer: Encounter Bay, South Australia


"I started surfing before I could walk and spent so much time down at the beach every summer surfing around where my parents taught their surf lessons, I started competing from when I was about 7 years old at Day St with the local board riders and and been apart of them ever since. My surfing has taken me places from going around Australia for surf comps to going to Fiji to find the best waves I've ever surfed. I have gone to the national titles for under 14’s in North Stradbroke island and under 16’s in Philip island. I push myself to get better and better every time I surf and will keep doing that forever."


Kye Darcy
Skater/Surfer: Coolangatta, Queensland



"Growing up on the Gold Coast and being blessed with great skate parks and even better waves, it would be hard not to be a surfer or a skater. I was born into the surf by my old man but gravitated towards skateboarding at a young age. Skating influences my life in every way whether it be designing and making furniture, making knifes or even how I now raise my son. It all comes back to skating and the culture of freedom, rebellion and your individualistic expression."


Darcy Wilkosz
Surfer: Bondi, New South Wales



"Surfing is my life, I live and breathe it every day. I'm a creative person at heart. I love to paint and draw, surfing is like an artistic extension of what I can create with a brush with the ocean being the canvas. When I'm out of the water kicking back with family and friends is how I spend my time. Currently living the dream travelling, surfing and finding myself on a new adventure every day."


Jessica Lane
Surfer: Byron Bay, New South Wales



"Surfing for me is the time I get to switch off from everything else, from the moment I hit the water my mind stops ticking and all that matters is the waves. I’ve lived in Byron my whole life, learnt to surf around the age of 8 and basically been at the ‘Pass’ ever since. You can catch me there every day, during every type of wind! Surfing a log is what I feel I’m best at and what I’ve always done. Now I get to raise my own daughter by the sea and teach her to surf the same spots I did, what a life!"


Jez Gryst
Photographer: Byron Bay, New South Wales

@grystphoto & @grystagram


 "Creativity is what pays the bills- Surfing is what keeps me sane. I feel stoked that we live in a place where we can enjoy the simple pleasures in life... The fact we can drive an hour and reach empty barrelling waves and serene beaches is staggering. The journey is half the fun. Nothing beats playing a show at night, and then waking up the next morning to surf pumping waves with your mates… And occasionally photographing beautiful girls isn’t the worst way to spend a late afternoon."


Jaxon Samwell
Skater: Adelaide, South Australia



"Skateboarding first started for me at 9 years old while I was travelling Australia with my family. It become our little ritual to visit every skatepark we passed by as we travelled and that’s when I first started to grow a real appreciation for the sport. Over the years skateboarding has taught me many valuable life lessons, I’ve learnt that’s its alright to take a fall and many for that fact, its as long as you always get back up and try again. It's taught me patience, dedication, persistence and the most important of all, the value of good friendships. Having friends to skate with and even just people that understand your passion will help you progress more than anything else because you can motivate each other to do better and skate harder!"


Luke Ashman
Surfer: Mid Coast, South Australia



"Surfing to me is something else, it's more like an addiction. Over summer when it's flat i go crazy. Nothing is more relaxing than a surf. Usually I race down the coast as fast as I can but on the way home I often sit about 10kms under the speed limit trying to soak in that feeling. It's hard to explain why I love it so much it's just all the senses are alive when I'm out there in the water. The ability to challenge mother nature and turn it into an art form is so exhilarating. Even just watching the harmony of energy that can be produced is cool, knowing that at any point mother nature can throw you the make or break wave."


Andorwith - an ethical surf brand from South Australia.  we're in this together