Summer 2020 Bushfire Appeal - Fundraiser at Andorwith

If you've had your head buried in the sand during over Christmas 2019, maybe you may have missed it? 

Australia suffered some catastrophic bushfire conditions over the summer, resulting in one of our worst bushfire seasons on record. On Saturday 15 February, Andorwith threw a Bushfire Appeal Party, to raise much-needed support funds for local recovery groups.

After a dry winter, the bushfire season started earlier than usual. Fires and flare-ups were recorded all over the country. 

What started in August 2019, wiped out 18.6 million hectares of bushland, 1 billion-million animals, and almost 6,000 buildings. 34 people lost their lives. 

This was not only a huge hit to our native flora and fauna, but a massive blow to our nation.  Naturally, Andorwith felt compelled to do something for our mother earth, its precious animals and the affected communities.  

At the heart of our brand is a sense of togetherness, family and community. Heck, that’s what 'and or with' actually means – Together!

So, we decided that help out the best way we know-how. 

We opened the doors to the shop later than usual on a Saturday, brought together the Andorwith family and held a fundraiser event in the back yard.


We auctioned off some super-rare one-off Andorwith pieces and photo artworks by Wunderlust Media.

There was live music by Rob Edwards and the event was supported by Pirate Life Beer.

Together, we raised a total of $1,737.09 that was donated to Wires Wildlife Rescue and to the South Australian Bushfire Appeal.  Thank you to everyone who attended and for their generous support of this worthy cause.