Meet Adelaide father of two Daniel Smith.  In one way or another, he’s been busy designing and selling surf wear for over 17 years now.  And since 2009, he’s been building the new Australian surf brand, Andorwith, brick by brick from a small shed behind the family home.

This is your chance to get on board and tell your friends “I knew about them before they got big.”

Andorwith is following in the footsteps of giants like Rip Curl, Quiksilver and Billabong; all small local Australian brands once upon a time.  Where these giants have millions of followers world-wide, Andorwith still has only 3,000 fans on Facebook.

But what makes them even more interesting, is that Daniel and his young family run the whole operation from a small shop in a suburban Australian back yard; which funnily enough, was converted from the family’s garage.


They are Australia’s smallest, independent, local surf wear brand that supplies men’s, women’s and children’s surf wear; from Adelaide to classic surf spots all over the world.

Small runs, high quality, sustainably driven

One of the coolest things about them, is that they have a real focus on sustainability and ethically produced fashion.  They also collaborate with several other local South Australian businesses, utilising their expert craftsmanship wherever possible. And all of their designs are made in small 10-100 piece runs.

Daniel has often been heard saying “Global brands have the opportunity to influence so many people, in a much more positive way.  They really could be a vehicle for change within society, but they seem to focus more on their stock prices and not so much on people.”

"With independent brands like Andorwith, you’re helping to promote a much bigger message, rather than just promoting big brand’s logo. We’re about bringing people together as one. A large family if you like," says Daniel.

Daniel is actually the eldest of seven brothers and sisters, and family was always a super important part of his childhood and upbringing.

This was one of the main factors that led him to start designing surf and skate wear. “I just wanted to design a brand that represented the vibes from my childhood; a time full of love, laughter, positivity, surfing and skateboarding in the great Australian outdoors.”

So what does 'Andorwith' mean??

The name Andorwith might sound complicated, but it simply means; 'together.'

“The words and or with form the 'glue' in our language as we communicate with one another. In combination, the word Andorwith represents our united family here on earth, being together, and, or with one another; always,” said Daniel.

“We're just incredibly grateful that our local community and the Australian surfing scene has supported us and helped our brand grow organically to where it is today,” he continued.

“We get so many messages of support and encouragement for doing what we are doing.  People are so stoked to see that we're reinventing the local, down-to-earth, Australian surf wear brand.”

“Less focus on big numbers and profit, more emphasis on sustainable design, quality materials and craftsmanship.”

“It's funny, because my dad used to say ‘The feeling of getting a cheap deal quickly disappears. It’s the quality of the product that remains with you long into the future.' It’s the quality you remember,” concluded Daniel with a strong gaze.


Our planet, our future

For the future, Andorwith plans to continue to ride the wave. They have plans to continue to release new pieces of their quality clothing in the coming summer and winter seasons. This includes expanding upon the use of their 100% recycled polyester and 100% organic fabrics in different products which are currently found in their board shorts, t-shirts and shirts.

And of course, you’ll often see Daniel and his young family in their backyard while you're browsing in the Adelaide surf shop or down the coast enjoying a wave, whenever they get a chance.

Please feel free to drop into either of their stores or hit them up online for a chat about the future.

Andorwith - "We're in this together"