When we started Andorwith in 2009, it was just a creative outlet. Printing our art and our subliminal messages on a few T-Shirts. We were only really selling them to our family and friends, if they were keen. However, it has evolved over time to mean much more.

For over ten years now, our ethos has evolved from those humble beginnings. We want society to see us as an ethical surf wear brand, that has sustainability, family and community values at its core. We want our life’s work to have meaning and represent something larger.


What our brand represents

We want to help educate our youth and start a social movement for change. We strive to become a meaningful contributor to our society and be an ethical leisure wear brand.

Our catch cry; 'we're in this together', represents our values of happiness, love, equality, sustainability, gratitude, community and belongingness. We would love to see the whole world embrace together as one united species.

If we can somewhat help promote these values by showcasing our love for our family and our friends, the oceans, our beaches and the outdoors, through our art and design; hopefully we can achieve our goal of working together for the benefit of our kids and their kids today, and the future. 

What does ‘and or with’ mean?

People often ask what does 'And or with' mean? It is written and pronounced all as one word - andorwith – It means 'together'.

These words form the 'glue' in the language we communicate with one another and It represents our united family, being together and or with one another; always.

As a society we are increasingly becoming disconnected, disconnected from ourselves, disconnected from others and disconnected from the environment surrounding us. Thus, we are passionate about 'connection.' The connection we have with ourselves, the connection we have with others and the connections we have with our environment.

This is the deeper meaning to our name and the ethos that drives us to be an ethical leisure and lifstyle brand.

The overall aesthetic of the brand is therefore heavily influenced by the coastal vibes of our blue oceans, sandy beaches and the bitumen and bricks of our city streets. We have tried to create a brand that truly reflects Australia's people, diverse culture, spectacular landscape and laid-back lifestyle.

In amongst all that, our products are ethically produced and made from sustainable fabrics and materials wherever possible.

We invite you to share our message of togetherness and connection with our planet and one another. Whether that is spending more time together, exploring nature outdoors, spending less time using technology or implementing small sustainability measures in your home.

And please feel free to drop into the store or reach out to us on social media, simply for a chat!

"We're in this together"