Change Your Perspectives - sustainable surf gear

Changing your perspectives in today's multifaceted society is becoming increasingly more important as each day goes on. The old views and opinions of yesteryear need to be challenged, refocused and updated. This is something we at Andorwith are constantly doing every day, as we try to create the most considerate and sustainable surf gear we possibly can.

We are constantly learning new things and ways of seeing the world. We are also relearning old ideas through new perspectives.

This has given us the understanding that some things aren't always the way they seem at first glance or at face value. There are so many sayings that support this view, 'Don't judge a book by its cover', 'Walk a mile in my shoes' just to name a couple for examples.

It’s about learning something new or relearning something you thought you already understood through another person’s or cultures' perspective.

This idea was the grounding for one of our latest, deeper t-shirt based designs, 'Change Your Perspectives' (seen below). We're always trying to create very considerate and sustainable surf gear.

The upside-down globe is to represent the idea of looking at the world differently by changing your perspectives. Maybe we have been looking at the world the wrong way this whole time? Who knows.


We are always updating our designs just like we are always updating the way we look at the world and indeed our own perspectives. If you haven't checked in with yours in a while, give it a go. Relearn about something that interests you through another author, a new doco or someone you know that has a different opinion to yours.

You may learn something new and hopefully, you learn a new way of looking at the world. If we learn something once, and never return to it or never question it, we become stuck, ignorant and our perspectives become concrete interpretations.

Change your perspectives on the world by listening to others; turn your ideas, your perspectives, and your world upside down.  See you in the store soon.