OSS/ANDORWITH 6'6" Wagon Twin Baby Blue

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Product Description

Classic retro shaped Mid length Twinny straight from the 1960's, hand shaped by Jarryd Watson from Ocean Street Shapes Miami, Queensland in collaboration with Andorwith designer Daniel. 


The wagon is a new concept and has multiple variations all of which are super functional and proven. The concept came about when Jarryd of Ocean Street Shapes and his team rider were wanting all the benefits of a mid length but wanting to push the performance aspect further. A performance mid length that went a little bit more vertical if you will. We took the original Daisy, rounded the nose and took away the beak, allowing more rocker in the nose, but only through the bottom curve, still maintaining that flat deck rocker. We then added more single concave and an accentuated spiral vee under your back foot, and added a touch more tail rocker to allow it to fit tighter in the curve of a wave. It still surfs incredibly smooth but just has some extra jazz when things get a little bit more exciting. 

Minimal deck rocker, but curves through the bottom. flat entry in the nose, good amount of single through the guts into a spiral Vee in the tail. Mid semi full rail maintains foam where you need it and shaves it where you don’t. plenty of foam under the chest for paddle power and a flat deck assist with that stability and control, the additional rocker in the shovel nose really allows you to push this board harder than your common mid length with confidence. The Wagon twin will have you zig zagging your way down the line at high rates of speed with style  in small stuff and going top to bottom in the big stuff. It’s a must have in any quiver if you refuse to ride a shortboard thruster

Available for order in 6’4 to 7'10 but is best from 6-6 to 7'4


6'6" x 20 3/4" x 2 5/8"


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Family Run 

With a Purpose

Adelaide brothers Daniel and Dominic Smith started Andorwith in 2009. At the time, they were designing a small run of t-shirts from the family shack in Goolwa Beach, south of Adelaide. 

Over 15 years on, this local, family business designs and produces a complete range of ethical and sustainable coastal leisure and lifestyle wear.